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Dedicated HR Manager

We assign and deploy a professional HR Manager to maintain and consult with you on your most pressing questions and issues.

Customized Materials

We evaluate your need and create custom resources for your organization. From job descriptions to employee handbooks, we handle your documentation.

Administrative Team

We handle all documentation from various state and federal agencies. We also maintain any employee forms, evaluations, and disciplinary items.

Extensive Service List

Employee Handbooks

We help you develop your handbooks and clearly define company policies as well as keep them updated in response to new legislation and change in the workplace or client industry.

Disciplinary Consultations

Our HR Manager consults with you on the best methods for handling corrective or disciplinary actions as well as conflicts or disputes in the workplace.

Exit Interviews

Our HR professional handles the termination process, and interviews the employee to determine what the cause of the separation was to prevent future staff loss.

  • Consulting
  • HR forms, policies, and procedures
  • Background and reference checks
  • Employee evaluations
  • Documentary and disciplinary action support
  • Employee and Management training
  • Risk Management support
  • Employee recruiting assistance
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Illness and injury plans
  • Safety training
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