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Our Mission

Enable Small & Mid-size Businesses to:

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Reduce Liability
  • Increase Profitability
  • Comply with Government Regulations

Our Story

In 2003, Covenant Industries (CI) and Sullivan International (SI) teamed to establish PEOPLE ONESOURCE. We provide payroll, HR, and compliance solutions for the multiple challenges experienced by small to medium sized businesses.

As an Administrative Services (ASO) & Professional Employer Organization (PEO), CI & SI combined our expertise in Human Resources and Administrative Support experience to provide a more robust and comprehensive solution for our clients.

Our passion is for the growth and development of small businesses.

We formulated a solution to support small businesses that were contracting with large utility companies, prime contractors, and government agencies.

We created a platform that enabled our clients to meet the rigorous compliance requirements of their clients. Our platform was developed to customize payroll reports, labor reports, and cost accounting reports.

Our staff provides hands-on personalized service to each client.

Our processes are customized for each client based on their business needs.

In 2014, we extended our hands-on support and customized services to include companies in industries outside of utility and government.

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