PEOple OneSource is an innovative Payroll, Human Resources, Training, Benefits Administration, Risk Management, and Business Development service provider. Established in 2003 as an outsourcing organization, PEOple OneSource now offers payroll, ASO, and PEO services and provides solutions for the multiple challenges experienced by small to medium sized businesses. 


Our Mission is to enable business owners to:

• Maximize productivity

• Reduce liability

• Increase profitability

• Comply with government regulations


As a one-stop solution, we provide a unique service to businesses currently participating in or desiring to increase their revenue streams through contracting with government agencies, utilities or large prime contractors.


Our vast experience with procurement, supplier diversity, and contracting enables us to help small businesses with cutting through the red tape by assisting and training them to obtain certification, develop package and submit proposals and bid documents.


Companies who use PEOple OneSource Services have the added benefit of being in compliance with required contracting and labor regulations including SCA, Davis Bacon, and Affirmative Action plans. This enables them to successfully perform their Services and the contractual requirements with an added assurance of maintaining the required documentation and compliance in relation to their employees.